LBJ’s Pantalones

A President orders some custom pants from Haggar.  This is just too funny! Hats off to Tawd Dorenfeld and the guys at Put This On.

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A Nice Shine Job!

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Soccer Mom’s Volvo on Steroids

Before there was the controversial “Hummer,” before there was a Ford (Bronco) or the much-loved International (Scout), there was the Volvo (TP21) AKA “Sugga”. The Swedish transauto designers must have called upon their God Thor for help in creating a virtually unstoppable off-road machine. If your curious Sugga means sow in Swedish.
The Sugga was a 4X4 military vehicle built for the Swedish Army back in 1957. Did you even know there was a Swedish Army? Anyway in my opinion this is one mean little Tonka toy. Maybe Volvo should revisit their old designs and put a modern version of this Behemoth on the road.  A post apocalyptic world may have a few  survivors. The common household roach and possibly a few Suggas.   


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Team Work

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Happy 4th of July

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The High Life Redux

Miller should really think about revisiting the Errol Morris Campaign.  True classics.

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