Ken Russell

British Director Ken Russell passed away this weekend.  Russell was responsible for filming some of the most iconic and outrageous scenes to ever hit the big screen. “Women in Love” (1969) where he managed to convince Alan Bates and Oliver Reed to wrestle in the nude.  Reed once mentioned in an interview that he wasn’t very worried about showing off his manhood but was more worried about being a few pounds over weight the morning of the shoot.  Bates on the other hand was very nervous about the scene.  Reed convinced him to polish off a bottle of Vodka that morning and some how this took the edge off enough to get them through the first male nude scene ever shot. “The Devils” (1971) where Vanessa Redgrave portrays a nun who has a scene where she is passionately kissing Jesus? The Who’s Rock Opera, “Tommy”(1975) Ann Margret has a nervous break down, throws a bottle of champagne crashing it through her T.V. as she is drenched in hundreds of pounds of baked beans and chocolate which appeared to be excrement.  Margret actually cut her arm during the scene and received 27 stitches from the glass that was still on the white fluffy rug she was crawling across.  They took her to the Emergency room and she appeared to be either a woman who had survived a drowning or a woman who survived a performance in a Ken Russell film.

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