Soccer Mom’s Volvo on Steroids

Before there was the controversial “Hummer,” before there was a Ford (Bronco) or the much-loved International (Scout), there was the Volvo (TP21) AKA “Sugga”. The Swedish transauto designers must have called upon their God Thor for help in creating a virtually unstoppable off-road machine. If your curious Sugga means sow in Swedish.
The Sugga was a 4X4 military vehicle built for the Swedish Army back in 1957. Did you even know there was a Swedish Army? Anyway in my opinion this is one mean little Tonka toy. Maybe Volvo should revisit their old designs and put a modern version of this Behemoth on the road.  A post apocalyptic world may have a few  survivors. The common household roach and possibly a few Suggas.   


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2 Responses to Soccer Mom’s Volvo on Steroids

  1. Sugga says:

    Love your blog entry about the Sugga, particularly the line about post-apocalyptic survivors—- an instant classic! You’ve captured the essence of the Sugga in a very brief, yet powerful article.

  2. Kalle says:

    By the way, we (I trained 15 month as a Swedish mini-MASH officer, somewhere in between Radar and major Houlihan, ha ha) and we used the articulated Hegglund bandwagon, but the SUGGA was replaced by VOLVO “valpen”. Valp in Swedish is a young dog-pup. Very quick to get around everywhere… Valpen was a really great “rag-top” vehicle and fantastic fun to drive and bush-bash in. I was taught never to use the many 4-wheel drive options (front rear middle separate difflock…) except for getting OUT when stuck. We never got stuck.. we switched on 4-wheel traction and got out pronto.. Ooh, did I mention the 6-wheel ambulance version – super-valpen.. “Valping” is english right? must be the Viking heritage..

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